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File extension: .djvu, .djv
MIME type: image/vnd.djvu
Type code: DJVU
Developed by: AT&T Research
Type of format: Image file formats

DjVu (pronounced like déjà vu) is a computer file format. It is made mostly to store scanned documents. It is especially used for things with a mix of words, line drawings, and photographs inside. DjVu has been sold as an alternative[1] to PDF, as it gives smaller files than PDF for most scanned documents. The DjVu developers report[2] that color magazine pages make smaller to 40–70 kB. Black and white technical papers make it smaller to 15–40 kB. Old manuscripts make smaller to around 100 kB; a satisfactory JPEG image usually needs 500 kB. Like PDF, DjVu can have a OCR text layer. This makes it easy to cut and paste, and search for text.

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