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Police destroying illegal doburoku, Niigata, 1949

Doburoku (どぶろく or 濁酒) is a kind of sake. It is an alcoholic drink made in Japan. It is made with steamed rice, kōji, water, and yeast. Actual doburoku is only made with special permission. Something similar is often sold as nigori sake.

It is very easy to make at home with simple kitchen tools. However, this kind of sake is not legal to make at home in Japan.

Doburoku festivals in Japan[change | change source]

  • Nagakusaten Shrine
Aichi Prefecture, Oobu City
The last Sunday before February 25
  • Aizu Tajima Gion Festival
Fukushima Prefecture, Minamiaizu Town
July 22–24
  • Oomori Shrine
Mie Prefecture, Kumano City
November 23
  • Mihara Doburoku, Agriculture, and Forestry Festival
Kochi Prefecture, Mihara Village
Early November