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Dota 2 is a video game that was released in 2013. It is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients. Dota was originally a player-made map (also know as a mod) in Warcraft: Frozen Throne that proved to be successful with over 5 million active players. When Warcraft: Frozen Throne game got old, it was hard to make the map. As a result, Valve Corporation, with the help of the original maker (known only as Icefrog) started to develop Dota 2.

Goal[change | change source]

The game is designed as a hard to learn, hard to master strategy game. You map pick one of the 115 characters, named 'heroes.' They're then put to two teams of five.One called the Radiant(Green) and the other, Dire(Red). There are three lanes called the top, middle and bottom lanes. Usually, there the team choose to go 2-1-2(2 in top, 1 mid and 2 bot) But sometimes, it will be 2-1-1 or 1-1-2 because there will be a roamer. A roamer, as the name applies, goes all over the map, going to wherever they can help.

There are 'minion' waves,called 'creeps' that spawn in both sides.They are controlled by the computer and they will attack the enemy creeps. They will target a hero or a tower if there is no creeps. The creeps are essential into winning the game since they give gold if killed by a hero.

In every lane, there is 3 towers, they're named by their tiers with tier 1 being the nearest to the enemies and tier 3 the farthest. The lane's towers must be destroyed before you can damage the barracks. The barracks are behind the tier 3 towers. If you destroy the 'Ranged Barracks' The ranged creeps spawned at the lane will be more powerful. If you destroy the 'Melee Barracks' the melee creeps will also be more powerful. You may destroy both. If all 6 barracks get destroyed, all the creeps get boosted to Mega Creeps. Mega creeps are so powerful that an entire wave of them is equal to the power of a hero. If you have mega creeps, you will likely win the game.

Speaking of winning, the way to win the game is by getting the 'Anicent' or base. The anicent has a lot of health and if destroyed, the game

ends. The point of the game is to defend your base while also trying to get the enemy base. Due to the large map and variety of scenarios,

games often last 30–50 minutes with some going to 2 hours if necessary.

You may leave the game before it ends, but if you abandon the game, you get 'punished' and your next 1-5 games will be in a 'Low Priority' form. In low priority, every player gets a pool of only 3 heroes to pick. They can also not play with 'High Priority' players.

Summary[change | change source]

In the game, there are two different teams with five "heroes" in each side. They can chose between 115 different characters. Players have to get the rivaled towers in order to eventually get to the ancient and destroy it. Through the game, players can gain gold, buy items and of course, get kill and assists.

Notes[change | change source]

There is also an option to play the custom games, which are made by loyal players via the steam workshop. Dota 2 is famous for it's complexity and forceful effort, and some people have earned millions of dollars playing this game in important hostages, most knowingly, the International, which has the biggest money pool in video game history, reaching 13 million in U.S.A dollars.