Drew Goodman

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Drew Ian Goodman (born April 13, 1963) is a sportscaster. His jobs include these:

  • Colorado Rockies play-by-play
  • Colorado Rockies TV Studio Host
  • MLB on Fox fill-in play-by-play
  • College Football on FSN play-by-play
  • Tennis on Prime Sports play-by-play
  • ESPN World Cup Studio Host
  • Skiing on ESPN play-by-play
  • College Baseball on ESPN play-by-play
  • College Baseball on ESPN Studio Host
  • Gymnastics on ESPN play-by-play
  • Track-and-Field on ESPN play-by-play
  • Wrestling on ESPN play-by-play
  • Golf on ESPN Host
  • Golf on ESPN play-by-play
  • Colorado Buffalos men's basketball play-by-play
  • Denver Nuggets play-by-play
  • Colorado Avalanche TV Studio Host
  • NFL on NBC play-by-play
  • NFL on Fox play-by-play
  • WAC Magazine Host
  • Golf Colorado Host
  • The Big 12 Gridiron Report Host
  • Denver Nuggets Coaches Show Host