Ducktales: Treasure of the Golden Suns

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Ducktales:Treasure of the Golden Suns is the pilot of the series DuckTales.

Plot[change | change source]

Part 1: Don't Give up the ship[change | change source]

The shows opens at Duckburg. After Donald Duck enlists in the navy, Uncle Scrooge has to take care of grand-nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Uncle Scrooge brings the boys to the McDuck's mansion where they are presented to Duckworth, the butler. The nephews are forced to sleep in the attic. Days later, Donald sends a letter to the nephews that tells of his experiences in the Navy. The nephews try to follow Uncle Scrooge but they are held by Duckworth in the Hall. After breaking out of the room, the kids leave the mansion and follow Uncle Scrooge to Money Bin, where the boys find a model boat at the museum. Meanwhile, an evil man named El Capitan hires the Beagle Boys (named Bigtime, Bankjob and Burger) to steal a boat model from Scrooge. In the mansion, the nephews hear Scrooge speak ill of them and they run away.

They see the Beagles entering the Money Bin and decide to stop him. The Beagles have a map of the building, but when they find the nephews, Bigtime orders the other Beagles to catch them. Unfortunately, the Beagles manage to escape with the boat model. The nephews return to the mansion with the map, but Scrooge holds them responsible for the disappearance of the boat and closes them again in the attic. The nephews build a glider with the help of a Junior Woodchucks manual and flee the mansion of Uncle Scrooge. In the theater, El Capitan explains that the boat is really a map that leads to a treasure. The nephews get the boat back and flee to the McDuck candy factory. The Beagles are covered with chocolate and Scrooge apologizes to his nephews for not believing them.

Part 2: Wronguay at Ronguay[change | change source]

Back at the mansion, the nephews decipher the code written on the map, but refuse to tell Uncle Scrooge unless he lets them participate in the treasure hunt. At that point, Glomgold, a millionaire rival, comes to pay $2,000,000 for Scrooge's candy factory. Glomgold bets that he can make more money in two weeks or he will eat Scrooge's hat. Uncle Scrooge and his nephews rent a cheap plane to go to South America to a place named Ronguay. When they arrive, the people who live there try to run away in the plane because Monsopies are coming, which Uncle Scrooge believes is a festival.

The ducks get a llama to carry their baggage and supplies to build a camp.

Huey reads in the manual of Junior Woodchucks what Monsopies is. It is not a festival. It is a flood that occurs every 100 years and covers the whole country with water. When the Monsopies begins, the provisions flow away in the mud. The ducks sleep in a cave, but the villains block the exit with a stone. Fortunately the ducks find another exit and also a wrecked boat full of gold. After repairing the boat, they use the flooding waters to navigate out of Ronguay to escape.

On the sea, El Capitan and Glomgold snap up the boat and leave the heroes in a life-boat. Glomgod tosses one of the golden coins to Scrooge. The boat with all the gold ship sinks and wrecks. Since Uncle Scrooge now has a golden coin from the treasure, he has earned the most money. Glomgol has lost his bet.