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The Hôtel d'Aumont in Paris.
Arms of the dukes.

The title of Duke of Aumont was established in 1665. It was first given to Antoine d'Aumont de Rochebaron (1601–1669). For a long time, the dukes of Aumont had the title of first Gentleman of the Chamber of the King (gentilhomme de la chambre du Roi). They were a fairly influential and wealthy family. They owned the Hôtel d'Aumont a large townhouse in Paris. The family also had many other titles including "Marquis of Villequier". This was sometimes used by the heir to the ducal title.

List of dukes[change | change source]

  1. Antoine d'Aumont de Rochebaron (1601-1669)
  2. Louis Marie Guy d'Aumont (1732-1799)
  3. Louis Marie Augustin d'Aumont (1709-1782)
  4. Louis Alexandre Céleste d'Aumont (1736-1814)
  5. Louis Marie Céleste d'Aumont (1762-1831).
  6. Adolphe Henri Aimery d'Aumont (1785-1849).
  7. Louis Marie Joseph d'Aumont (1809-1888).
  8. Jean-Jacques d'Aumont (1840-1901).
  9. Louis Marie Joseph d'Aumont (1872-1956).
  10. Louis Henri d'Aumont, (1922-2006).
  11. Jacques Joseph d'Aumont (1950-).

Descendants[change | change source]

The present reigning Prince of Monaco is a direct descendant of the family.