East Chadic languages

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East Chadic
southern Chad and northern Cameroon
Linguistic classification:Afro-Asiatic
East Chadic A
East Chadic B
East chadic languages.jpg
East Chadic per Newman (1977)

The East Chadic languages are a branch of the Chadic languages. There are around 40 East Chadic languages still spoken. They are spoken mainly in Chad and Cameroon.

Branches[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 Languages in both the Nancere and Gabri branches go by the names of Kimre and Gabri. The two branches together are sometimes also called Gabri.
  2. Lovestrand, Joseph (2012). "Classification and description of the Chadic languages of the Guéra (East Chadic B)" (PDF). SIL Electronic Working Papers 2012-004. SIL International.
  3. Previously considered a dialect of Saba
  4. Kujargé appears to have ties with the Mubi languages, but perhaps not genetic ones. Its classification is uncertain.
  5. Previously classified as Dangla