Eberhardt del’Antonio

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Eberhardt del’Antonio (April 21, 1926 in Lichtenstein - February 22, 1997 in Dresden) was a German writer.

Life[change | change source]

Eberhardt Del'Antonio was the son of a locksmith. He learned the job as an technical drawer. He was fighting for the German army during the Second World War.

Publications[change | change source]

  • Gigantum, Das neue Berlin, Berlin 1957
  • Titanus, Das neue Berlin, Berlin 1959
  • Projekt Sahara, Tribüne, Berlin 1962
  • Heimkehr der Vorfahren, Das neue Berlin, Berlin 1966
  • Okeanus, Greifenverlag, Rudolstadt 1988
  • Volle Kraft voraus, Junge Welt, Berlin 1991 (with Jens Prockat)

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