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Elissa performing in November 2009.

Elissar Zakaria Khoury (Arabic: إليسار زكريا خوري) was born on October 27, 1972 in Deir el Ahmar, Lebanon. She is known simply as "Elissa". She is a Lebanese singer.

Biography[change | change source]

Elissa was born on October 27, 1972 to a Lebanese father Zakaria Khoury and a Syrian mother Youmna Suud.[1] In 1992, she competed in "Studio El Fan" and won a silver medal. She released her debut album Baddi Doub in 1999 with EMI. In 2006, Elissa released Bastanak, her fifth studio album. Bastanak (English: "Waiting For You") became her most successful album. It peaked at number-one in eight Arab music charts. The album won the World Music Award for "Best Arabic Artist". She has done a lot of duets with famous Arab and international singers as well. She has done duets with Ragheb Alama, Cheb Mami, Fadl Shaker, Chris DeBurgh and Gypsy Kings.

Discography[change | change source]

Videography[change | change source]

Year Title Album Director
1998 "Baddi Doub" (Feat. Gerard Ferrer) Baddi Doub Marc Hadifé
2000 "W'akherta Ma'ak" W'akherta Ma'ak
2001 "Betghib, Betrouh" (Feat. Ragheb Alama)"
2002 "Lebanese Nights" (Feat. Chris DeBurgh) Timing Is Everything Salim El Turk
"Ayshalak" Ayshalak Fabric Begotti
"Ajmal Ihssas" Salim El Turk
2004 "Kol Youm Fi Omry" Ahla Donya Said El Marouk
"Erga' Le Shou'" Brandon Dickerson
2005 "Hobak Waja' [Inta Lameen]" Salim El Turk
2006 "Bastanak" Bastanak Brandon Dickerson
2007 "Law Ta'arafouh" Yannick Saillet
2008 "Bitmoun" Ayami Beek Waleed Nassif
2009 Awakher el Sheta
2010 "Aa Bali Habibi" Tsadaq Bmein Mazen Fayad
2011 "Tsadaq Bmein" Emile Sleilaty

References[change | change source]

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