Emperor Ming of Han

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Emperor Ming of Han
Emperor of the Han dynasty
Reign58 – 75 AD
PredecessorEmperor Guangwu
SuccessorEmperor Zhang
Born15 June 28
Died5 September 75
ConsortsEmpress Mingde
Consort Jia
Emperor Zhang
Full name
Family name: Liu ()
Given name: Yang (), then Zhuang ()
Era dates
Yŏngpíng (永平): 57 AD – 75 AD
Posthumous name
Short: Emperor Ming ()
Full: Xiaoming ()
Temple name
Xíanzōng (顯宗)
HouseHouse of Liu
FatherEmperor Guangwu
MotherEmpress Guanglie

Emperor Ming of Han (15 June 28 AD – 5 September 75 AD) was the second emperor of China's Eastern Han Dynasty.

He was born Liu Yang.