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Endymion is a human character in Greek mythology.

His story is told by various ancient authors. In most versions he is a shepherd, and a young man of unusual handsomeness – so much so that the Moon goddess Selene falls in love with him. She uses her divine power to keep him asleep forever, preserving his youth and beauty.

The Endymion story has been re-told by poets and playwrights. The English playwright John Lyly wrote one version; and the poet John Keats used the story as the basis for his long poem Endymion.

The name also inspired Prince Endymion, the name of Momaru Chiba's (Darien in the English version) past life character and the lover of the reincarnated Princess Serenity, Usagi (Serena) Tsukino from the popular anime and manga Sailor Moon. In the future he becomes King Darien (キング・エンディミオン King Endymion), ruler of Crystal Tokyo, husband of Neo Queen Serenity and father of Rini.