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Ukrainian: Енергодáр
Russian: Энергодар
Энергодар. Вид с трубы ТЭС.jpg
Flag of Enerhodar
Coat of arms of Enerhodar
Ukrainian: Даємо енергію
English: We give energy
Coordinates: 47°29′56″N 34°39′21″E / 47.49889°N 34.65583°E / 47.49889; 34.65583Coordinates: 47°29′56″N 34°39′21″E / 47.49889°N 34.65583°E / 47.49889; 34.65583
Country Ukraine
RaionVasylivka Raion
City status1985
ControlOccupied by Russia[1]
 • de jure MayorDmytro Orlov[2]
 • Russian appointed de facto mayorAndriy Shevchik[3]
 • Total63.5 km2 (24.5 sq mi)
29 m (95 ft)
 • Total52,887
 • Density858/km2 (2,220/sq mi)
Area code(s)+380 6139

Enerhodar (/ɛnərˈhdɑːr/; Ukrainian: Енергода́р, romanizedEnerhodár, pronounced [enerɦoˈdɑr], lit.'energy's gift'; Russian: Энергодар, romanized: Energodar) is a city and municipality in the north-western part of Zaporizhzhia Oblast in Ukraine. The city was captured by the Russian Armed Forces during the battle of Enerhodar and is currently under their control.[4] Its population is about 52,887 as of 2021.

Enerhodar was founded on June 12, 1970, to build and maintain the Zaporizhzhia thermal power station. During the 1980s, Europe's biggest nuclear power plant, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, was built there. Many people work at these two power stations.

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