Epiphany (software)

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Operating systemCross-platform
TypeWeb browser
LicenseGNU General Public License

Epiphany is a Web browser for GNOME. It is also available for Mac OS X[1] and was made from Galeon.

It uses the Gecko layout engine from the Mozilla project to show web pages; however, the Epiphany developers have a new but less stable version of Epiphany 2.21.4 using the WebKit engine instead of Gecko.[2][3] The Epiphany team wants to stop using Gecko and only use the WebKit engine, by the time they release Epiphany 2.24 or 2.26.[4] Epiphany has tabbed browsing, cookie management, popup blocking and an extensions system. Epiphany can be extended with the Epiphany-extensions package in GNU/Linux Operating Systems.

Epiphany was made from Galeon by Marco Pesenti Gritti (also the creator of Galeon) with the aim of making a web browser with a very simple user experience. Because of that, Epiphany does not have its own themes, instead, it uses GNOME’s settings that are set in the GNOME Control Center.

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