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Cross-platform software is a type of software that can run on many different operating systems or computer architectures. Together, the combination of an operating system and computer architecture is commonly referred to as a platform.

Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, BlackBerry, Linux and Android are five different types of well-known platforms.

Cross-Platform Development is very crucial towards marketing business over different platforms. Nowadays, there are multiple platforms for the customer base to surf the internet. A website has a particular pixel and differs in height and width that may not locate the different screen sizes. With the help of cross-platform development, a developer creates the website to mold to any screen size.

Developing an application for multiple platforms is very complex, as it needs high-tech backend work to make the app run on different platforms. With the wide range of OS, mainly iOS and Android, the application needs to be developed. However, with a cross-platform, both iOS and Android can install and run the application. It means the business is targeting the world market for enhanced revenues.