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Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail
(Fearī Teiru)
GenreAdventure, fantasy[1]
Written byHiro Mashima
Published byKodansha
English publisher
Del Rey Manga (1 – 12)
Kodansha USA (13 – 63)
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Magazine
Original runAugust 2, 2006July 26, 2017
Volumes63 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byShinji Ishihara
Produced byTaihei Yamanishi
Tomonori Ochikoshi
Yoshikazu Beniya
Yōsuke Imai
Written byMasashi Sogo
Music byYasuharu Takanashi
StudioA-1 Pictures (2009–2019)
Satelight (2009–2013)
Bridge (2014–2019)
CloverWorks (2018–2019)
Licensed by
Original networkTXN (TV Tokyo), AT-X
English network
Original run October 12, 2009 September 29, 2019
Episodes328[2] (List of episodes)
Original video animation
Directed byShinji Ishihara (#1-6)
Tetsuo Amino (#7-9)
Written byMasashi Sogo (#1, 5-9)
Atsuhiro Tomioka (#4)
Hiro Mashima (#6)
Music byYasuharu Takanashi
StudioA-1 Pictures
Satelight (#1–6)
Bridge (#7–9)
Released April 15, 2011 December 18, 2016
Episodes9 (List of episodes)

Fairy Tail is a shonen manga published in the Weekly Shônen Magazine from August 2, 2006 to July 26, 2017. It was created by Hiro Mashima. It has 545 chapters and 63 tankōbon volumes. The series is also aired. Some video games are released by Konami. In August 2012 The Phoenix Priestess, a Fairy Tail movie, was released, and in May 2012 a sequel Dragon Cry, a Fairy Tail sequel movie, was released.

The story of Fairy Tail focuses around the adventures of main characters Natsu and Lucy, who are sometimes with the members of the Fairy Tail Guild.

In the beginning, Lucy is a young sorceress (a "mage"), who wants to join Fairy Tail Guild. On her trip, she meets Natsu, a young boy, who is looking for Igneel the Salamander. She offers Natsu and Happy (his partner) a lunch and Natsu explains that Igneel is a dragon. Lucy talks about her dream to join a famous guild, which she later told him was the Fairy Tail Guild. Later, she is tricked and taken by Bora of Prominence to be sold as a slave. She is rescued by Natsu, who is the real Salamander, and a true member of Fairy Tail Guild. He offers her to be a member of Fairy Tail. Lucy says yes and joins the guild. Since then, Natsu and Lucy formed a team. This is the beginning of the adventures that the two have while carrying out missions from the guild.


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According to Oricon, Fairy Tail was the eighth best-selling manga series in Japan for 2009.[3] It became the fourth best in 2010 and 2011[4][5] and the fifth best of 2012.[6] It also won the 2009 Kodansha Manga Award for shōnen manga.[7]

In 2012, the anime series won the "Meilleur Anime Japonais" (best Japanese anime) award and the best French dubbing award at the 19th Anime & Manga Grand Prix in Paris, France.[8]


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