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Faiza Darkhani

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Faiza Darkhani
Bornc. 1992
Alma materBadakhshan University,
University of Putra Malaysia
Occupation(s)Environmentalist, women's rights activist, educator
Awards100 Women (BBC) (2021)

Standing out from the crowd is a courageous decision. You must follow your dreams and turn them into realities, and my dream is having a clean and safe environment, free of war and all types of pollution.

–Faiza Darkhani[1]

Faiza Darkhani (born c. 1992) is an Afghan environmentalist, women's rights activist and educator.[1] In the year 2021, she was a part of the 100 Women BBC list. It includes the most inspiring and influential women in the world.[2] Darkhani is one of the few scholars of climate change in Afghanistan.[2] Formerly, she was the director of the National Environmental Protection Agency in Badakhshan province.[1]

She studied in the Badakhshan University. Later, she studied at University of Putra Malaysia (also known as Universiti Putra Malaysia). She graduated with a master of science degree in landscape architecture.[1] Her research focuses on the sustainable management of urban landscapes. She also researched on the relationship between urban agriculture and food security.[3]

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