Fatherland Front (Austria)

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Krukenkreuz, the sign of the Austrian state at the time.

The Fatherland's Front (original German: Vaterländische Front, VF) was an organization that existed in Austria from 1933 to 1938, the Anschluss. Engelbert Dollfuß created it. was the only political party that was allowed at the time. It wanted to unite all citizens, in an independent, Christian German state, that was organized along the lines of professions. Dollfuss led the organization, until his death in 1934. From that time, to 1936, Ernst Rüdiger Starhemberg, was its leader. When Kurt Schuschnigg came to power in 1936, he also took its leadeship. When Arthur Seyß-Inquart came to power in 1938, he disbanded the organization, and the NSDAP took its functions.

Dollfuss, speaking in Vienna, on the occasion of the stablishment of the VF.