Fedora Live USB creator

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Fedora Live USB creator
Fedora Live USB creator
Fedora Live USB Creator
Stable release
Repository github.com/MartinBriza/MediaWriter
Operating system cross-platform
(Windows and Linux)
License open source
Website https://fedorahosted.org/liveusb-creator

The Fedora Live USB creator is an official tool designed to create Live USBs of Fedora.

Features[change | change source]

  • Cross-platform (available for Windows and Linux)
  • Non-destructive install (does not format the device)
  • Supports various Fedora releases, including Fedora 19
  • Automatically detects all removable devices
  • Persistent storage creation, to save all documents created and modifications made to the system (only works with Fedora 9)
  • SHA1 checksum verification of known releases, to ensure that there is no corruption when downloading

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