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Feni District

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Feni (Bengali: ফেনী) is a district in south-eastern Bangladesh. It is part of the Chittagong Division. According to the latest population count in 2022, around 1.6 million people live in Feni.[1]

Feni used to be part of Pakistan, but it became an independent place on 6 December 1971.[2]: 189  At first, it was part of the Noakhali district, but in 1984 it became its own separate district.[2]: 190 

Feni is divided into six smaller areas called upazilas. The names of these upazilas are Sonagazi, Fulgazi, Parshuram, Daganbhuiyan, Chhagalnaiya, and Feni Sadar. It also has 43 union councils, which are even smaller divisions.[3]


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