Fernando de Rojas

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Fernando de Rojas
A contemporary portrait of Fernando de Rojas.
Bornbetween c. 1465 (1465) and c. 1470 (1470)
La Puebla de Montalbán,
Kingdom of Castile (modern-day Spain)
DiedApril 1541
(aged c. 70–76)
Talavera de la Reina, Kingdom of Castile (modern-day Spain)
Occupation(s)Mayor, lawyer, and supposed writer
Known forSupposed writer (or one of the [supposed] writers) of La Celestina

Fernando de Rojas (between c. 1465 (1465) and c. 1470 (1470) – April 1541) was a Spanish mayor, lawyer, and supposed writer. He is said to have been of Jewish descent, by contemporary sources. He most likely wrote the novel La Celestina.