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A fire alarm

A fire alarm is a sounder. The sounders make a siren or a similar noise to let people know that there is a fire. Some companies that make fire alarms are Wheelock and Simplex. Sometimes, old-fashioned fire alarms are metal bells.

An alarm sounder is a device that will make a loud noise when the fire is discovered and the fire system set off with either a manual or an automatic system. The loud sound created will alert anyone at the building or site that there is a fire so they can escape safely. Many fire alarm systems also have flashing lights. These are important for deaf people who cannot hear the fire alarm.

Usage[change | change source]

Fire alarms are often used in schools and other places during fire drills. If somebody sets off a fire alarm without a good reason, it is called a false alarm. Setting off a false alarm is against the law almost everywhere.[1]

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