Fish stock (food)

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Pouring fish stock on a stuffed fish

Fish stock is a kind of stock used for fish dishes. It is used in French and international cuisine.

This stock is the basis of fish soups and sauces. It is usually made with fish bones and fish heads, together with finely chopped mirepoix. The fish stock is cooked for 20–25 minutes—cooking any longer spoils the flavour. Concentrated fish stock is called "fish fumet".

In Japan, a fish and kelp stock called dashi is made by briefly (3–5 minutes) cooking skipjack tuna (bonito) flakes called katsuobushi in nearly boiling water. Other Japanese fish stock is made from fish that have been fried and boiled for several hours, creating a white milky broth. This has a rich feel and sweet umami taste.

For fish stocks in other Asian cooking, see fish sauce.

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