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Fitzroy River (Western Australia)

Coordinates: 17°25′39″S 123°33′52″E / 17.42750°S 123.56444°E / -17.42750; 123.56444
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Fitzroy River
Fitzroy River, looking north from bridge at Fitzroy Crossing
Physical characteristics
 - locationKing Leopold Ranges
 - elevation486 metres (1,594 ft)[1]
 - locationKing Sound
Length733 kilometres (455 mi)
Basin size93,829 square kilometres (36,228 sq mi)[3]
 - average84.78 cubic metres per second (2,994 cu ft/s)[2]

The Fitzroy River is in the West Kimberley part of Western Australia.[4] The Fitzroy flows into the Indian Ocean. The first European to visit the Fitzroy River was George Grey in 1837 aboard the H.M.S. Beagle. The river was given its European name by Lieutenant J.L. Stokes in February 1838 after Captain Robert FitzRoy.

Fitzroy River flowing through Geikie Gorge

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17°25′39″S 123°33′52″E / 17.42750°S 123.56444°E / -17.42750; 123.56444