Flag of Kangleipak

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Salai Taret ki Firal
Salai Taret Flag

The Flag of Kangleipak or Salai Taret Flag is a rectangular seven coloured flag. It represents the seven clan dynasties of the Meitei ethnicity of Ancient Manipur. Red colour represents Mangang, White represents Luwang, Black represents Khuman, Yellow represents Angom, Red mixed with black represents Moirang, Purple represents Kha-Ngangba and Sky blue represents Salai-Leisangthem. The width to length ratio of the flag should be 2:3. This flag is approved by the Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board.[1]

After careful analysis of the Puya, it has been determined that this flag symbolizes the birth of Ibudhou Pakhangba's seven sons, who in turn represent the seven clans. Each son was born at a distinct time of day, reflected in the color scheme of the flag, inspired by the hues of the sun during their respective births. This flag serves as a testament to the rich heritage and lineage of our people, honoring the diverse identities within our community.

Since those colours are the result of several dyeing histories, they are more than just a "flag" It's a sacred one. Even now, Amaibas & Amaibis continue to dye fabrics for "Apok khuramba" using those 7 hues.

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