Flag of Minnesota

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Flag of the State of Minnesota

The Flag of Minnesota formerly featured the state seal on a blue background. The flag that people used until 2024 was made in 1957 and the state seal on the flag was changed in 1983. In the past, people used a different flag that looked like the one that Minnesota uses now, but it had different colors on the front and back of the flag. Some people didn’t like the flag because they thought it was too complicated and they thought it should be simpler, whilst others thought it was even controversial. In 2023, a new flag was introduced and was officially adopted on May 11, 2024.

Symbolism[change | change source]

The flag is divided into two sections, on the right, there is a cyan blue field, and on the left, there is a navy blue field in the shape of what Minnesota looks like, with an eight pointed star in the center representing it being “The North Star State”.

Minnesota Flag Flying Outside State Capitol

Historical flags[change | change source]

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