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Flag of Nuevo León

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Flag of Nuevo León
  • 2020
Variant flag of Flag of Nuevo León

The State Flag of Nuevo León has a white background with the state arm of coat.

The state flag of Nuevo León is a white camp with the coat of arms in the center and was adopted in 1998. This is the flag that has always been used by the state government.

In 2020, a new movement appeared with a flag that takes the colors of the historical flag of the Republic of Rio Grande, the lion in the center to represent the state of Nuevo León.

The state of Nuevo León has not adopted an official flag, but a new state identity flag has emerged. The flag was designed by a student of the UANL, which has had sales through electronic media and sports shops.

For to celebrate the 200 years of history of the state of Nuevo León, the Government of the State of Nuevo León, through the Secretariat of Culture, announced an appeal for the adoption of the state anthem and flag, the appeal ended on February 29, 2024.[1]

Historical flags

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