Flora (given name)

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The name Flora [ flawr-uh, flohr-uh ][1] is a female given name. The name originally referred to a plant. Flora is a gorgeous and ageless moniker that has been utilized for centuries. With Latin roots, the name Flora signifies "flower." It is closely linked with nature, loveliness, and femininity. Flora is a name that has been employed in a variety of cultures and boasts a wealth of history.[2] This name was ranked #647 on the US Popular Names in 2021.[3]

Hurricane Flora in 1963 struck many Caribbean Islands. The storm killed more than 7,000 people.

People[4][change | change source]

  • Flora Jane Thompson, an English novelist and poet
  • Flora CarabellaItali an actress
  • Flora MacDonald Jacobite heroine
  • Flora Robson Actress
  • Flora Tristan Social activist and writer

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