Focke-Wulf Fw 190

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Fw 190
Fw 190A-3 of Stab. 7./JG2, June 1942.[N 1]
Role Fighter
Manufacturer Primarily Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG, but also AGO, Arado, Fieseler, Mimetall, Norddeutsche Dornier and others
Designer Kurt Tank
First flight 1 June 1939
Introduction August 1941
Retired 9 May 1945 (Luftwaffe)
1949 (Turkey)
Primary users Luftwaffe
Hungarian Air Force
Turkish Air Force
Produced 1941–45; 1996: 16 reproductions
Number built Over 20,000[2]
Variants Ta 152

The Fw 190 was a German fighter aircraft made by Focke-Wulf during World War II. It first flew in 1939 and was introduced in 1941. Even though it was not sleek, it could still go 408 miles per hour (653 kilometers per hour).[3] It was also called the Shrike and the Butcher Bird.[4]

In 1942, Luftwaffe pilot Armin Faber landed by accident at a British airfield.[5] They were then able to find out things about the aircraft.

The Focke-Wulf Fw-190 was a multirole fighter/bomber German aircraft. It could take down large bombers itself, and ambush enemy squadrons. It fought its way through British crowds of aircraft, and supported its allies. It was also able to attack and destroy ground targets, as it has a handy bomb, found under the fuselage.

The FW 190 was 29 feet (8.84 meters) long, had a wingspan of 34 feet 5.5 inches (10.49 meters), was 13 feet (3.96 meters) high, weighed 7,055 pounds (3,200 kilograms) empty and 10,800 pounds (4,900 kilograms) operational. It could go 408 miles per hour (653 kilometers per hour), could fly up to 37,400 feet (11,410 meters), and could go 560 miles (900 kilometers) without refueling.[3]

FW 109 was 1500 kg heavier than Bf 109. It was also faster (FW 190 A-8 was 16 kph faster than Bf 109 G-6) but it didn't climb as fast as Bf 109 (at 15 m/s compared to 17 m/s of Bf 109). FW 190 was much better armed than Bf 109 - it had 2 machine guns above the engine and four cannons in the wings. Bf 109 had only one cannon and two machine guns.

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  1. This A-3 was landed by mistake by Oblt Armin Faber at RAF Pembrey on 23 June 1942, becoming the first Fw 190 to be captured and tested by the RAF.[1]

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