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Fogo, Cape Verde

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LocationAtlantic Ocean
Coordinates14°55′59″N 24°22′59″W / 14.933°N 24.383°W / 14.933; -24.383
ArchipelagoIlhas de Sotavento
Area476 km2 (184 sq mi)
Highest elevation2,829 m (9281 ft)
Highest pointPico do Fogo
Cape Verde
Concelhos (Municipalities)Mosteiros, Santa Catarina do Fogo, São Filipe
Largest settlementSão Filipe
Population37,051 (2010)
Pop. density77.8/km2 (201.5/sq mi)

Fogo (Portuguese for "fire") is a volcanic island in the Sotavento group of Cape Verde. It is the most prominent of the group, rising to nearly 3,000 m (10,000 ft) above sea level at Pico do Fogo.