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Fox Broadcasting Company
Type Television network
Country United States
Availability International
Founded by Rupert Murdoch
Slogan So Bold, So Brash, So Fox
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Area United States
Owner Fox Entertainment Group
(News Corporation (1994-2013)/News Corp/21st Century Fox (2013-present)
Key people Peter Rice
Chairman, Entertainment
Kevin Reilly
President, Entertainment
Launch date October 9, 1986
Former names Briefly abbreviated "FBC" in 1986-1987.
Picture format 720p HD
480i SD (formatted to downconverted widescreen in many markets)
Callsigns FOX
Official website
Available throughout the U.S. See List of Fox affiliates
DirecTV 16 (SD)
398 (HD)
Available on most cable systems Check local listings
Internet television Full Episode Player Watch live (US only)

Fox (styled FOX) is an United States television network. Along with ABC, CBS, and NBC, it is one of the country's four major television networks. It is owned by Fox Entertainment Group.

An old man with a bald head and a black suit, as well as glasses, is standing, smiling.
Rupert Murdoch founded the Fox Broadcasting Company

Currently broadcast[change | change source]

Animated (under the Animation Domination banner)[change | change source]

A man with shoulder length salt & pepper hair sitting in front of a microphone.
Matt Groening – creator of The Simpsons, Fox's longest running program
Show Run
The Simpsons (1989–present)
Family Guy (1999–present)
American Dad! (2005–present)
The Cleveland Show (2009–present)
Bob's Burgers (2011–present)

Awards[change | change source]

Award Run
The Teen Choice Awards (1999–present)
The American Country Awards (2010–present)

Drama[change | change source]

Jane Lynch – star of Glee
Show Run
Bones (2005–present)
Fringe (2008–present)
Glee (2009–present)
Touch (2012–present)
The Mob Doctor (2012–present)

News and information[change | change source]

News Run
Fox News Sunday (1996–present)

Reality/non-scripted[change | change source]

Simon Cowell – creator of American Idol and The X Factor (where he is also a judge).
Show Run
Cops (1989–present)
American Idol (2002–present)
So You Think You Can Dance (2005–present)
Hell's Kitchen (2005–present)
Kitchen Nightmares (2007–present)
MasterChef (2010–present)
Mobbed (2011–present)
The X Factor (2011–present)
Take Me Out (2012–present)
The Choice (2012–present)
Hotel Hell (2012–present)

Sitcoms[change | change source]

Show Run
Raising Hope (2010–present)
New Girl (2011–present)
Ben and Kate (2012–present)
The Mindy Project (2012–present)

Sports[change | change source]

Joe Buck – lead announcer for Fox's coverage of MLB and the NFL

Upcoming series[change | change source]

Formerly broadcast[change | change source]

Animated primetime series[change | change source]

Mike Judge – creator and lead voice actor of the animated series King of the Hill.

Children's (Fox Kids/Fox Box/4Kids TV)[change | change source]

Drama[change | change source]

Hugh Laurie – star of House

Game shows[change | change source]

Late night[change | change source]

Joan Rivers – host of The Late Show, the first nightly program on Fox.

Reality shows and talent competitions[change | change source]

An old man is standing, walking, and smiling, wearing a gray suit with a tie.
John Walsh – creator and host of America's Most Wanted which ran for 23 years.

Science fiction and action[change | change source]

Sitcoms[change | change source]

Ed O'Neill – star of the sitcom Married...with Children
Tracy Ullman – creator and star of The Tracey Ullman Show.

Sports[change | change source]

Variety[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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