Free running

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Free running is a sport that means doing jumps with difficult movements in the air and cross a tour with obstacles since in the parkour.

These jumps name ("Flips") or (Mortal Jumps).

  • Basic Jumps
  • Front Flip: The person jumps with the two legs and does a complete forward rotation.
  • Back Flip: The person jumps of back also with the two legs and gives a return on if sames backward.
  • Side Flip: The person jumps sidewards with one or two legs and gives a return on of sames sidewards.
  • Wall Flip: The person puts a foot in the wall and jump with one leg giving a turned backward.
  • Harder jumps and rolls
  • Eagle roll: The person dives forward and rolls giving them a fast way to dive over things.
  • Hand plant: The person jumps forward and plants their hands on an object and pushes their legs forward.
  • Wall run: The person runs and jumps with one foot on the wall and takes another step giving them the advantage of climbing.