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Fryderyk Buchholtz

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Fryderyk Buchholtz

Fryderyk Buchholtz (16 May 1792 Olsztynek (Hohenstein, Prussia) – 15 May 1837 Warsaw) was a Polish piano and organ maker.

Life[change | change source]

After he finished studying piano making in Vienna in 1815, Buchholtz came back to Warsaw and founded a piano factory at 1352 Mazowiecka street.[1] One of his pianos was owned by Chopin's family. The composer was also a frequent guest of Bucholtz's home art salon and a factory store.[2] Buchholtz died in 1837, but his wife and later their son Julian continued with the business. Only a small number of pianos made by Buchholtz factory survived until XXI century. In 2017 there was made a replica of a Buchholtz piano,[3] which was later used in the first International Chopin Competition on Period Instruments in 2018.[4]

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