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Gang rape

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Gang rape happens when a group of people (usually two or more) are involved in the rape of a single victim. It is reported all across the world.

Gang rapes usually involve three or more men as the ones who commit the crime. But women can also commit gang rape.[1]

Gang rapists tend to be younger and commit their crimes repeatedly.

Gang rapes are more violent. The sexual and nonsexual injuries to the victim are far more severe than in rape by one person.

The United States reports a rape every 6.2 minutes.[2] It has been estimated that 25% of all rapes in the United States are gang rapes.

A number of gang rapes happened in the United Kingdom. But authorities in the UK had not gathered data on gang rapes until 2011.[3] An increased number of gang rapes were reported in the United Kingdom starting in 1996.


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