Gansu Wind Farm

Coordinates: 40°12′N 96°54′E / 40.200°N 96.900°E / 40.200; 96.900
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Gansu Wind Farm
Wind turbines at the wind farm
Coordinates40°12′N 96°54′E / 40.200°N 96.900°E / 40.200; 96.900
40°12′N 96°54′E / 40.2°N 96.9°E / 40.2; 96.9
40°36′N 96°54′E / 40.6°N 96.9°E / 40.6; 96.9
40°14′N 97°08′E / 40.23°N 97.13°E / 40.23; 97.13
Construction began2009
Wind farm
Power generation
Nameplate capacity7,965 MW
Planned: 20,000 MW
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Gansu Wind Farm is a group of big wind farms. They are being built in the western part of Gansu province, China. It is planned for it to have 20,000 megawatts (million watts) of power, but right now it only makes 8,000 megawatts.[1]

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