General Dynamics / Grumman EF-111 Raven

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General Dynamics / Grumman EF-111 Raven
EF-111A Raven.jpg
General Dynamics / Grumman EF-111A Raven in flight.
Role Electronic warfare aircraft
National origin USA
Manufacturer General Dynamics & Grumman.
First flight 1977
Introduction 1981
Status Out of service.
Primary user US Air Force.
Number built 42

The General Dynamics / Grumman EF-111 Raven is a twin-turbojets military aircraft. Its main mission was jamming enemy radar, including those of the anti-aircraft defense. It was designed and built in the United States, and flown only for the U.S. Air Force. It was used in the last years of Cold War and for the Yugoslavia's war NATO operation in 1995. It stopped being made in 1998.