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Generation Kill is a book written by Evan Wright in 2004. In 2003, American reporter Evan Wright joined members of the reconnaissance battalion of United States Marine Corps. As a war reporter with them he spent forty days in the first line of the invasion in Iraq. He described the way to Baghdad, first in articles for Rolling Stone magazine, and later in the book which became model for same-named seven-part miniseries. At the beginning of the book we can find a list of the main characters and a dictionary of abbreviations. The book has a prologue, 35 chapters and an epilogue. At the end of the book is thanks to members of the United States Marine Corps. In the text we can see photos taken by Evan Wright.

The story begins when Reporter (a nickname for Wright) first met the soldiers with whom he spent the whole time. Evan is assigned to a team whose team leader is sergeant Brad Colbert, nicknamed Iceman. Brad sits on the passenger seat. The driver is corporal Ray Person, The rear driver is James Trombley, the youngest member of the team, who is nineteen years old. Next to him is the main shooter, Corporal Walt Hassher. On the rear passenger seat is Reporter.

The book describes the passion for fighting, army humor and an aggressive way of war. The author gives a true view of the American army, their broken supply and some poor leadership skills. The book became very popular in America and got many awards.