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Today, about 10 million girls around the world are in an organization called Girl Guides. It started over 100 years ago. Around 1907 in England, Robert Baden-Powell started an organization called Boy Scouts. He taught boys how to camp and live outdoors. In 1909, Baden-Powell held a big event for Boy Scouts. Many girls said they wanted to join, too. Baden-Powell wanted to have boys and girls in different groups, so he started Girl Guides that year. In 1910, his younger sister Agnes became the leader. The girls learned how to camp, and they also learned how to take care of children. By 1912, there were Girl Guides in many other countries such as Australia, Denmark, and the United States. All Girl Guides learn a lot about life and things that are not taught at school. They have special rules about the way to live. They have to try and do something nice for someone else every day. When something bad happens, they must be strong. They must be ready for anything, so their slogan is "Be Prepared." In 1926, leaders of the Girl Guides from around the world met in a town in New York. At the meeting, they decided to make a special day for Girl Guides in all countries. They chose February 22 because it was the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell. It is called World Thinking Day. Now, on this day every year, Girl Guides around the world celebrate with special events and study about other countries and cultures.

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