Give You What You Like

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"Give You What You Like" is a soft rock ballad from Avril Lavigne. The lyrics are about fighting loneliness by having sex.[1] The song has gotten praise from critics for expanding Lavigne's musical diversity. "Give You What You Like" is the fifth single from Lavigne's self-titled album, Avril Lavigne.

Critical reception[change | change source]

Critics liked "Give You What You Like". They complimented the mature sound that Lavigne showed on the song. They also liked its equally mature themes. Jason Lipshutz of Billboard wrote that "the bright-eyed innocence of '17' and 'Bitchin' Summer' has vanished on 'Give You What You Like'". He further called it "a harrowing glimpse inside the exchange of physical pleasures to combat loneliness". But he criticized the song's production. He ended his review by comparing Lavigne's vocals in the song to those of her 2002 hit, "I'm with You".[2]

Allan Raible of ABC News wrote, "As the tempos slow down, things get less juvenile and slightly more interesting. 'Give You What You Like' begins with the words, 'Please wrap your drunken arms around me.' (At last, darker material!) This is a rather sleazy song, but it is way more interesting than the shallow stabs at teen pop. At least there is some sort of grit. It's not just a middle finger (referencing the album's opening track, "Rock n Roll")."[3]

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