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Gizmondo is a handheld video game system. It is made by Tiger Telematics. It has GPRS and GPS. GPRS is used to go on the Internet, and GPS is where you can see where you are. Some games use the Gizmondo's GPS. It has a camera. It can also send text (words) and multimedia (pictures and videos and music) messages, play MP3/WAV/MIDI music and WMA/MP4 video, and play games. MP3, WAV, and MIDI are ways to keep music, and WMA and MP4 are ways to keep videos.

Releases[change | change source]

The Gizmondo came out in the United Kingdom in March 2005 for £229. It came out in the USA in October 22, 2005. Games include Agaju: the Sacred Path, Colors, and Chicane.

In February 2006, the company was forced into bankruptcy and stopped making the Gizmondo.