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Cándida Villar, Juan Luis Cano (center) and Guillermo Fesser in a Christmas target

Gomaespuma is a radio show, presented by Juan Luis Cano and Guillermo Fesser. The program is broadcast by Onda Cero. It also has been in M80 radio and in Antenna 3 Radio. Gomaespuma organises the Flamenco pa tos festival, the most important Flamenco festival of Spain. Gomaespuma directs a foundation with the same name.

  • Pay attention to the pedals: Luis Montoro
  • Cinema: Cándida Villar
  • Corresponsal en Paris: Rubén Amón
  • Corresponsal USA: Gina Fox
  • Mister Gárcia: Claro García
  • Interviews: Juan Luis y Guillermo
  • "Flamenco pa tos": José Manuel Gamboa y Juan Verdú
  • The guide of the "Michelines": Juan Carlos Orlando
  • The B face: Carlos Cano
  • The musical "croqueta": Santi Alcanda
  • The woman that i love: Curra Fernández
  • Books: Mar de Tejeda
  • News: Esmeralda Velasco
  • Gomaespuma with: José Manuel Lapeña
  • Gomaespumino: Juan Luis y Guillermo
  • Health for the biggest: Alfonso del Álamo

Other sections[change | change source]

  • Cooking with Josechu Letón
  • Gomaespuma of the succes
  • Military Gomaespuma
  • Regional Gomaespuma
  • "Supernotición que te cagas"

People[change | change source]

These people have appeared on television and on radio (marionettes)

  • Armando Adistancia
  • Borja Món de York
  • Candida
  • Chema Pamundi
  • Mister Eusebio
  • Mister Francisco Rupto
  • Mister Gun
  • Mister Jesús Tituto
  • El niño del paquete
  • Estela Gartija
  • Gustavo de Básica
  • Padre Palomino
  • Peláez

Books[change | change source]

  • 20 years with Gomaespuma
  • There is not are more family than one family
  • Greats misfortunes of the Spain history
  • The father say no
  • The guide of the "Michelines"
  • When God press, drowns a lot (Guillermo Fesser)
  • Hincaíto (Juan Luis Cano)
  • The legs are not of the body (Juan Luis Cano)
  • Trades guide of Gomaespuma (Guillermo Fesser, Juan Luis Cano and Jose Manuel Lapeña
  • A bullfighter pass (Juan Luis Cano y Ruben Amón)

Other websites[change | change source]

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