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Good Night

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"Good Night" is the first episode of Season 1 of The Simpsons shorts.[1] It was first shown on television on April 19, 1987.

Simple storyline

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Homer and Marge Simpson say good night to their children, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson, but actually scare them with sayings they have not heard of.

Longer storyline

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Homer says good night to his son Bart, but then he asks questions about the mind. Homer tells Bart to relax, and makes a joke about mind and matter. Bart is still scared when the lights are turned off.

In Lisa's bedroom, Marge is good night to her daughter Lisa. After a few sentences, she uses the saying "don't let the bed bugs bite". This scares Lisa as well.

In Maggie's bedroom, Marge sings the lullaby Rock-a-bye Baby, but in Maggie's thoughts she sees herself falling from a tree. Maggie becomes scared from this thought like Bart and Lisa.

In Marge and Homer's bedroom, they say good night to each other thinking they must be the best parents ever. Then Bart, Lisa and Maggie come in the room quickly, and start shouting and complaining. Marge tells them to come into bed with them to make them feel safer, and they go to sleep. Maggie is last, saying "Good night".

This is one of Maggie's small amount of words she has said in The Simpsons.


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