Government Seal of Japan

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The Government Seal of Japan is one of the country's national seals. It looks like a flowering plant called a paulownia. The government of Japan and cabinet use it. It is one of many paulownia mon, collectively known as the Paulownia Seals (桐紋, kirimon) or the Paulownia Flower Seals (桐花紋, tōkamon).

The seal is the official emblem of the Japanese Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

The 5–7 Paulownia (五七桐, go-shichi (no) kiri) is used as the official emblem of the Prime Minister of Japan. It looks like a stylized paulownia plant with 5–7–5 flowers.

Before the Chrysanthemum Seal was used extensively, the Paulownia Seal originally was the private symbol of the Japanese Imperial Family, from as early as the sixteenth century. The Toyotomi clan, led by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, later adopted the Paulownia Seal to be their family crest. After the Meiji Restoration, the seal was eventually adopted as the emblem of the Japanese government.

It is now still mainly used by the Japanese government, as a contrast to the Chrysanthemum Seal which represents the Emperor as the symbol of the sovereignty of the State, and members of the Imperial Family.

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