Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia

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Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia
Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh

since June 1999
Office of the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia
StyleGrand Mufti
StatusGrand Mufti of Saudi Arabia
Member ofPermanent Committee for Islamic Research and Issuing Fatwas
NominatorKing of Saudi Arabia
Term lengthNo fixed term
Inaugural holderMuhammad ibn Ibrahim Al ash-Sheikh

Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia is the highest religious authority in the country. The king himself appointed one to the post. The ex-officio Grand Mufti became a permanent member of the Standing Committee on Ilmi Research and Fatwas.

Introduction[change | change source]

Grand mufti is the most powerful religious authority in Saudi Arabia . His main job is to issue fatwas on various legal and social issues. The court system in Saudi Arabia is greatly influenced by his fatwa.

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