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The GIMP is a computer program used for graphic design.

Graphic design is a practical art which helps in communication. Visual information is formed in a way that produces a message. This can be done by placing words and pictures in ways that will get the attention of others. People who do graphic design as work are called graphic designers. In printed media, graphic design includes typography, organising illustration, book design, page layout, specifying print.

Graphic design can be done in different media. These include paper, video, labels, and web sites.

Graphic designers use many skills, rules and techniques to provide the right information. They must combine artistic expression and media relations. Skills include the ability to look at the whole picture, color theory, design principles, understanding of art, etc.

Graphic design today is heavily used in all types of media, magazine articles, internet and especially in advertising. Almost every marketing effort utilizes graphic design for brochures, business cards, websites, logo design and corporate identity.

Contemporary graphic designs tends to feature modern geometric forms and shapes and bold typefaces. They emphasize making the message easy to read and comprehend and also grab attention and make memorable.

Graphic Designers are people who convert ideas and layout design of print, web or digital media, conceptualized and created by copywriters(people who write the written or textual content) and visualizers (people who originally conceive the look of the final layout) into visually appealing[1] text,images, videos, illustrations, linearts or other forms of drawings or art. It is only after the work of graphic designers that the content becomes appealing and relatively much more attractive to the viewer than was originally made. The degree to which this can be made attractive to the audience depends to a large extent on the skill and proficiency of the Graphic Designer.

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