Green Party (Norway)

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Green Party

Miljøpartiet De Grønne
SpokespersonUne Aina Basholm and Arild Hermstad[1]
Parliamentary leaderUne Aina Bastholm
Founded29 October 1988
Membership (2019)Increase 9,963[2]
IdeologyGreen politics
Political positionCentre-left
Colours  Green
3 / 169
County Councils
36 / 574
Municipal Councils
310 / 9,344

The Green party (Norwegian: Miljøpartiet de Grønne) is a green political party in Norway.[4]

They gained one representative in the Storting (the Norwegian Parliament) in the 2013 election.[5] The representative, Rasmus Hansson, was also the spokesperson of the party.[6]

The party won three seats in the 2021 Norwegian parliamentary election.[7]

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