Guido Cavalcanti

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Guido Cavalcanti (1259 – August 1300) was an Italian poet from Florence. He was the best friend of Dante Alighieri as well as an influence on his thinking.[source?] Cavalcanti is one of the most important poet of Dolce stil novo, and he is widely regarded as the first major poet of Italian literature.

Cavalcanti was born in a noble guelph; his father was Cavalcante de Cavalcanti. In 1267 he got married to Bice, daughter of Farinata degli Uberti, leader of the florentine ghibellines. In 1284 he became a member od general council, together with Brunetto Latini and Dino Compagni. On June 24 1300 he was exiled, so he went to Sarzana. On August 19 of the same year he could return in Florence, but he died after a few days, on August 29.