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OriginHuntington Beach, California
GenresPunk rock, skate punk
Years active1988-present
LabelsDr. Strange, Hopeless, Nitro, Epitaph, Volcom
Mark Adkins

Clint Weinrich
Dave Luckett
Justin Van Westbrook
Geoff Armstrong
Matt Wills

Alex Flamsteed
Past members
Tim Baulch
Barry Burnham
Eric "Derek" Davis
Paul "Fang"
James Nunn
Scott Sheldon
Steve "Stever" Rapp
William "Ty" Smith
Donald Horne
Hunter Munich
Kevin Clark
Ryan Farrell
Brandon Zinkil

Guttermouth is an American punk rock band. They formed in 1988 in Huntington Beach, California. They are signed to Hopeless Records. They have released nine full-length albums and two live albums. They are infamous for their outrageous lyrics and deliberately explicit behavior. This behavior has resulted in high-profile problems for the band, such as being banned from performing in Canada for eighteen months and leaving Warped Tour in 2004 due to conflicting political views and attitudes towards other musicians.