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Vayu Deva.jpg
Vayu, Vedic god of the wind, shown upon his antelope vahana.
Greek equivalentAnemoi
Roman equivalentVenti
Hinduism equivalentVayu
Zoroastrian equivalentVayu-Vata

H₂weh₁-yú is believed to be a god who controls the wind. He came from Proto Indo European Mythology and many cultures have gods that came from him.[1] His name comes from the Proto-Indo-European word for "blow".[2][1] In some traditions, he is shown as two gods who control different types of wind. Other cultures have similar gods, with names like Vayu-Vāta and Vāyu.[1] The god is also linked to the idea of giving and taking breath, which connects him to life and death.[3] Many Indo-European languages have words for wind that come from the same root as H₂weh₁-yú including the English wind.[1]

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