Ha Jae-se

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Ha Jae-se
SACHEON-JODONG name of sect name of JINYANG HA clan.jpg
HA Clan's Jodong family crest
Korean name
Revised RomanizationHa Jaese
McCune–ReischauerHa Chaese
Pen name
Revised RomanizationMumyeong
Courtesy name
Revised RomanizationTaewon

Ha Jae-se (河在世, August 26, 1885–January 28, 1944) was a Confucian and educator of the Korean Empire. It is a direct descendant of Sir. Ha Yeon, who was an able premier and a prime minister during the Sejong the Great period.

Life[change | change source]

He was born from the Confucian scholar's Prestigious family in Jodong of Sacheon city, and his grandfather had already died before he was born, with no influence from his grandfather. Under the guidance of my father, I started learning Confucianism from the age of 7 and completed my study of coming-age.

Direct lineal ancestor Sir Ha Yeon

He suffered various troubles as one of the leaders of the local Confucian society among the rioters and strong points of the Japanese imperialism's occupation after the end of the turbulent period of Joseon Dynasty. He repudiated the colonial modernization education of the Japanese imperialism until the moment he died, and emphasized the importance of Confucian education. He was a Confucian scholar, and as a "Professor" in the field of Confucianism education, he firmly maintained his attitude to the end.[1]

Direct descendants[change | change source]

  • Ha Chiho (致鎬)
  • Ha Hong-sul (Yeong-sul, 洪述)
  • Ha Hong-sun (Sun-mu, 洪順)
  • Ha Seung Moo (Hong-chang, 洪昌)

Notes[change | change source]

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References[change | change source]

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