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Haifa Wehbe

Haifa Wehbe (Arabic: هيفا وهبي‎, born March 10, 1972[1]) is a female Lebanese singer, actress, model, and jewelry designer who is known in the Arab world. Wehbe was born in a rural town in South Lebanon and now lives in Beirut. She started her music career with her debut album Huwa az-Zaman (Arabic: هو الزمن‎, It is Time).

Before she became a singer, she was a model. She won title "Miss South Lebanon" when she was sixteen. In 1995, she was the runner-up for Miss Lebanon before the public found out she had a daughter named Zeinab.

Her second 2005 album was Baddi 'Ayš (Arabic: بدي عيش‎, I Want to Live). Her second songs was "Ana Haifa" (I am Haifa).

She also appeared in Pepsi ad with French footballer Thierry Henry.

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